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Онлайн инструментите помагат при някои по-специфични нужди свързани с общуването с хора от други страни, говорещи други езици, използващи други мерни единици и разплащайки се с друга валута. Освен това има някои по специфични нужди свързани с изплзването на кирилицата. Налага се транслитерация и разчитане на странни йероглифи и т.н.

Езикови Други

  • perpend

    Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day for March 26, 2017 is:

    perpend • \per-PEND\  • verb

    1 : to reflect on carefully :ponder

    2 : to be attentive :reflect


    Perpend: it is easier to build on a good first impression than it is to repair a bad one.

    "Okay folks, it looks like all is not lost. Electronic Arts is at least perpending their stance heading into the next-generation of console gaming and after originally writing off Nintendo's Wii U, they've now reneged on that stance and are reconsidering the Big 'N's offerings." — William Usher, Cinema Blend, 23 Aug. 2013

    Did you know?

    Perpend isn't used often these days, but when it does show up it is frequently imperative, as in "Perpend the following." As such, its use can be compared to the phrases "consider this" or "mark my words." Perpend arrived in English in the 15th century from the Latin verb perpendere, which in turn comes from pendere, meaning "to weigh." Appropriately, our English word essentially means "to weigh carefully in the mind." Pendere has several descendants in English, including append, compendium, expend, and suspend. Perpend can also be a noun meaning "a brick or large stone reaching through a wall" or "a wall built of such stones," but that perpend comes from a Middle French source and is unrelated to the verb.

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