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Online dictionaries can help people to translate words from foreign languages without needing to download special programs. This type of translation is available at any point of the world as long as there is Internet. In addition to convenience in reading of texts in another language where a Word is not clear, our online translators and aim to help foreign language learners. Unlike translators dictionaries do not translate whole sentences, only individual words. But give more information about the pronunciation, the different meanings of the words and examples of uses in specific expressions.

Bilingual and multilingual dictionaries are in aid of a less advanced in the study of foreign languages Ednoezičnite dictionaries are usually dictionary of that language and dictionaries that give knowledge in specific areas such as idioms, abbreviations, frazeologični verbs, etc.

  • concatenate

    Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day for May 27, 2017 is:

    concatenate • \kahn-KAT-uh-nayt\  • verb

    : to link together in a series or chain


    "While the stories are separate, they're concatenated in that characters recur from story to story, so while one might be a major player in one tale, he might be only alluded to in a subsequent narrative." — Kirkus Reviews, 15 Feb. 2013

    "To test cockatoos' planning and mechanical capacities, Auersperg designed a box housing a visible cashew nut blocked by five interlocking devices. The locks were concatenated so that the bird would have to solve the lock puzzle farthest from the reward before gaining access to the next, and so on." — Jenny Jennings Foerst, American Scientist, November 2013

    Did you know?

    Concatenate comes directly from Latin concatenare, which in turn is formed from con-, meaning "with" or "together," and catena, meaning "chain." (The word chain itself also evolved from catena.) Concatenate has a somewhat longer history as an adjective, meaning "linked together," than as a verb. The adjective first appeared in English in the 15th century and the verb wasn't in use until more than a century later. Catenate, a verb in its own right meaning "to link in a series," had also arrived on the scene by the early 17th century.

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